FlexK-LoK 5G
FlexK-LoK 5G
FlexK-LoK 5G
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Product Introduction: Low Loss, Low dK Silicone for Demanding 5G Applications 
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  • FlekK-LoK 5G is a specialty material designed to provide excellent electrical isolation and to minimize any electrical effect on signal impedance or antenna performance. FlexK-LoK 5G is a preferred solution to meet the increased demands of 5G systems and devices.  
    Additionally FlexK-LoK 5G material offers the increased benefits of higher temperature stability compared to other low loss flexible materials, lower moisture sensitivity and lower weight of the alternatives. Converting or applying FlexK-LoK 5G is quite easy which makes it a friendly material. 
    • Low dielectric constant 
    • Light weight and flexible
    • Excellent thermal insulation and stability
    • Excellent 5G feature alignment 
    • Antenna mounting / spacing
    • Radome
    • Device separation
    • Low dK seals
    • Microwave absorber mounting 
  • Specification
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