Eccosorb® GDS-U
Product Category:RF/Wave Absorbers
Product Introduction: High-Loss, Thin, Elastomeric Microwave Absorber 
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  • Eccosorb GDS-U is a thin, flexible, high-loss, magnetically loaded, electrically non-conductive, broadband urethane absorber. It is designed for the frequency range from 6 GHz and above. The main advantages of the polyurethane version are its ease of bonding to various substrates and the availability of a self-adhesive version.  
    • High mechanical strength
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Silicone free 
    • Commercial Telecom
    • Automotive and Industrial Electronics
  • Specificaton
    •  When placed within a cavity, Eccosorb GDS-U has proven to be very effective at dampening resonances due to the absorbers high permittivity and permeability as well as high loss values, which in turn reduces the overall VSWR.
    • It will significantly improve the operation of microwave devices by absorbing stray microwave radiation.
    • Eccosorb GDS-U will reduce the reflections from metal structures through the absorption of surface currents. Applications include power amplifiers, oscillators, down/up converters and LNB’s. It is also utilized to modify antenna patterns, cover antenna feed supports, line antenna caps to reduce reflections and improve the isolation of sensitive RF devices.
    • Although not intended as a specular absorber, it will reduce metal plate reflectivity by a few dB. 
    • Standard sheets are 305 mm x 305 mm (12”x12”).
    • Standard thickness is 0.76mm (.030”)
    • It can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive ( –SA suffix stands for Self-Adhesive ).
    • On special order other sizes, thicknesses and customer specified configurations can be supplied. This includes die cut and kiss cut parts to reduce installation labor by allowing quick assembly.. 
    •  Eccosorb GDS-U is designed to function directly in front of a metallic surface.
    • If this is not the case, a metallic foil should first be bonded to the object.
    • To obtain a strong bond of the absorber to the object, the metallic surface should first be thoroughly cleaned with a degreasing solvent. Epoxy and acrylic adhesives are recommended or use the self-adhesive version
    • Eccosorb GDS-U can be readily cut with a sharp knife and template. It is a very flexible material and will conform to contoured surfaces 
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