Eccosorb® GDS
Product Category:RF/Wave Absorbers
Product Introduction:High-Loss, Thin, Elastomeric Microwave Absorber
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    • High power performance 
    • Low outgassing properties
    • When placed within a cavity Eccosorb GDS has proven to be very effective at dampening resonances due to the absorbers high permittivity and permeability. 
    • When bonded to a metal surface Eccosorb GDS will significantly reduce the reflectivity of metal objects or structures due to the flow of microwave currents on that surface. 
    • It can be applied to antenna elements, microwave dishes, the inner or outer surfaces of waveguides for isolation, attenuation or modification of radiating patterns. 
    • When applied to side or even rear surfaces of certain objects Eccosorb GDS will cause a significant reduction in “head on” reflectivity or backscattering. 
    • Although not intended as a specular absorber, it will reduce metal plate reflectivity by a few dB.  
  • Eccosorb GDS is a thin, flexible, high-loss, magnetically loaded, electrically non-conductive silicone rubber sheet. It is designed for the frequency range from 6 GHz and above. The material is impervious to moisture and can be subjected to high altitudes, with no adverse effects. Being a silicone based absorber, it has low outgassing properties for space applications.
    • Commercial Telecom
    • Security and Defense 
    • Automotive and Industrial Electronics
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