GOF2000 Thermal Gasket 
Product Category:Thremal pads
Product Introduction:Graphite‐Over‐Foam w/ Silicone Foam
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  • Laird’s Graphite‐over‐Foam (GOF), GOF2000 thermal gasket, provides thermal transfer  performance in the form of a traditional wrapped compressible foam gasket. GOF2000  combines the thermal transfer performance of the Tgon™ 9000 synthetic graphite outside  wrap and the repeatable compression and rebound of a foam core. GOF2000 utilizes Laird  LSF series silicone foam allowing for a UL V0 flammability rating.  

    • High Deflection
    • High thermal transfer rate especially suitable for large gap sizes
    • Repeatable compression and rebound cycles
    • Lightweight
    • Low force thermal interface
    • Abrasion resistant exterior 
    • Ease of manufacturing for high volume
    • Use multiple 5mm width columns to lower overall thermal resistance
    • High operating temperature suitability and UL V0 flammability rating  
    • Provides compressible thermal interface for sliding connections. Ideal for insertion  applications.
    • Ensures thermal interface contact in high movement locations that would separate a  traditional thermal putty, gel, or grease
    • Offers lower force than traditional thermal gap pads for pressure sensitive  applications
    • Ideal thermal performance for large gap sizes
    • Improved reliability performance of electronics
    • RoHS and REACH compliant 
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