Laird Tflex™CR350
Product Category:Thermal GEL
Product Introduction:2-Part Dispensable Gap Filler  
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  • Tflex™ CR350 is a soft, compliant, high thermal conductivity, two-part dispensable gap filler providing a low thermal resistance and high reliability. This dispensable gap filler minimizes stress on components during assembly while providing the reliability of a traditional thermal pad. Tflex™ CR350 is ideal for application where large gap tolerances are present, meeting vertical shock and vibe requirements, typical of the automotive industry. The 1:1 mix is easily dispensable through a wide variety of off the shelve dispensing equipment. It is an A+B putty material that cures in place after dispensing and mixing to perfectly fill the gap. The experts at Laird can help design the system that is right for you. 
    • Thermal Conductivity 3.6W/mK
    • Dispensable and Compliant
    • Easily reworkable
    • Ideal for large gaps
    • Environmentally friendly solution that meets regulatory requirements  
  • Typical Properties
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