MHLL Ferrite Sheets
产品介绍:Flexible ferrite sheets for 13.56 MHz NFC, RFID and wireless charging EMI
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    • Flexible ferrite sheets for 13.56 MHz NFC, RFID application & wireless  charging application
    • Made by thin, high permeability sintered ferrite with PET film and adhesive tape
    • Standard ferrite layer thickness 0.05mm,0.1mm and 0.2mm
    • Custom size or thickness available upon request
    • Operating temperature -40℃ to 85℃
    • RoHS compliant 
    • NFC antenna for mobile phones
    • NFC antenna for automobile
    • NFC or RFID antenna for security & access control system
    • Wireless charging for mobile phones and battery powered handheld electronic devices
    • NFC or RFID read/write devices, improved read distance
    • EMI suppression for IC or IC circuitry 
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