Eccosorb® BSR
Product Category:RF/Wave Absorbers
Product Introduction:High-Loss, Thin, Elastomeric Microwave Absorber 
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    •  High thermal stability
    • Electrically non-conductive
    • High magnetic loss 
    • Commercial Telecom
    • Security and Defense
    • Automotive and Industrial Electronics 
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  • Eccosorb BSR is a thin, flexible, high-loss, electrically non-conductive silicone absorber.  It is designed for the frequency range from 6 GHz to mm wave. It has low outgassing properties and high temperature resistance. 
  • Specification


    • Eccosorb BSR is engineered to reduce or eliminate surface currents, cavity resonance, coupling, and generally dampen reflections. It will significantly improve the operation of microwave devices by lowering the Q of cavities.
    • Eccosorb BSR is recommended for use in high reliability aerospace, military, and space applications, exhibiting excellent thermal cycling, shock and vibration absorption characteristics.
    • Some other applications include power amplifiers, oscillators and down/up converters. 

    • Standard sheets are 305 x 305mm (12”x12”). 
    • Standard thicknesses are 0.25mm (0.010”), 0.50mm (0.020”), 1.0mm (0.040”), 1.5mm (0.060”) and 2.54mm (0.100”) 
    • For most applications material is supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive. 
    • It can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). 
    • Available in other thicknesses, sizes, and customer specified shapes upon request. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 
    • This material is designed to function directly in front of a metallic surface. 
    • For applications where the service temperature exceeds 121°C (250°F), the material can be bonded to most substrates by using an RTV silicone based adhesive in conjunction with a suitable primer. 
    • This material can be readily cut with a sharp knife and template. It is a very flexible material and conforms to contoured surfaces.
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