5G optical communication

The construction of 5G networks is in a comprehensive way,cloud computing and big data makes the global data traffic continuously increase. The requirements for high-speed calculations and transmission promote the optical module to be developed in the direction of higher rate, larger bandwidth and lower delay, such as 400G and 800G. As component integration and power consumption continue to increase,resulting in higher heat and EMC dissipation requirements for equipment. Suzhou Hemi Electronics provides high-performance and low-cost thermal thermal management materials and EMI materials to ensure the reliability and safety of equipment at its run time.


Applied materials

High Performance Thermal Pads,Silicone-free Thermal pads,Thermal Phase Change Materials,Anti-crosstalk Absorbs, Hybrid Thermal/EMI Absorbers, Conductive Elastomers, Conductive Foams, Automated Form-In-Place Gaskets
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