Medical equipment

With the realization of miniaturization, high sensitivity and intelligence of medical and rehabilitation devices, wearable medical devices are coming to the public. Wearable medical devices can transfer the physiological data of human body through sensors to mobile devices, so that users can monitor their physical health status in real time. As the new generation of information technologies such as the internet of things, cloud computing and mobile internet are applicated in the medical field, more electronic devices spring out and the frequency band for communication has become increasingly crowed, which puts forward higher requirements for heat conduction, shielding, grounding and filtering.Suzhou Hemi Electronics has rich experience to solve thermal and EMI shielding problems systematically.


Applied materials

High Performance Thermal Pads, Hybrid Thermal/EMI Absorbers, RF/Wave Absorbers, Automated Form-In-Place Gaskets, Conductive Foams, filter
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