Base station

The communication base station equipment develops towards the direction of light weight, high power and high integration, consequently,the heat consumption density of the system increases,but the volume decreases. Outdoor base station shell is generally die-cast cavity, due to the high reliability requirements, the passive heat dissipation is usually used for the whole machine. The heat output of the equipment has exceeded 30W/L, and the highest can reach 35W / L, so it’s a big challenge to cool down whole system. Suzhou Hemi Electronics provides EMI/RFI and thermal management materials that can well solve the reliability and EMI problems of devices such as AAU, RRU and base station cabinet in complex environments.


Applied materials

High Performance Thermal Pads, Thermal GEL and Greases, Thremally Conductive Insulators,Conductive Elastomers, Fingerstock, Conductive Fabric Tapek, Knitted Conductive Gaskets, EMI shielding Vent Panels, Ferrite filter
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