New Energy vehicles

Intelligentization and electrification are two major trends in the development of modern automobiles. As ADAS will gradually evolve towards autonomous driving, the oscillations triggered by any factors in the automotive circuit will interfere with other electronic equipment in the car ,causing the electronic controls to go haywire. Meanwhile, electronic devices such as power battery pack,electric drive, electric control and LED headlights require thermally conductive materials. Suzhou Hemi Electronics has total thermal and EMI solutions for NEVs,including power system, battery system, information and entertainment system, LED component system, autonomous driving system which need good thermal conduction/spreading/storage, EMI filtering,shielding, grounding,sealing,shock absorption and other requirements.

Applied materials

Thermal GEL, Silicone-free Thermal pads, Two-part cure in pace gap filler, Thermal Greases, RF/Wave Absorbers, Conductive Fabric, Power inductor
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