SoftZorb MCS Data Sheet
Product Category:RF/Wave Absorbers
Product Introduction:Soft Version of EccoSorb MCS Absorbers 
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  • SoftZorb MCS is a softer entry within Laird’s standard EccoSorb MCS product line. This softer material offers lower deflection for use in cavities whenever a lid may potential contact with and compress the absorber causing possible damage to other components. In addition, Softzorb MCS’ ability to more thoroughly fill the cavity greatly increases absorber performance by limiting leakage around the absorber. 
    Softzorb MCS is designed for the frequency range from 800 MHz to 18 GHz. 
    • Useful in challenging compact and high tolerances stack up applications
    • Conformable for optimum cavity fill
    • Antenna applications minimize reflections in transmission lines
    • High power performance and high magnetic loss
    • Can be used in commercial Datacom equipment such as optical transceiver cavities where space is at a premium and superior absorbing capabilities are required

    • Datacom/Telecom
    • Industrial
    • Consumer
    • Automotive

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